Fewer states show ACCELERATING trend

Good news – we are down to only 10 states showing an “accelerating trend”. A few weeks back when I checked this, the map showed nearly 20 states in “accelerating” new cases.

Good news – most of the red states in the center of the country have peaked and are starting to decrease. There seems to be about a 70-day period from wave trough to peak.

Bad news – nearly all states are in the “high” category in terms of cases per 100k population, based on the Kinsa Covid Map.

While VT and ME are still “yellow” status compared to red states, even they are seeing significantly increasing cases. These are examples, as many states are, of states that were previously described as having done everything right – until it was no longer right, apparently.

These outcomes are mostly the same regardless of public health measures undertaken – as if the virus does what the virus does, in spite of, not because of, public health mitigation.