There isn’t any: The science behind Covid-19 curfews

Several states have now enacted curfews, because the virus is most effective at spreading at night, or something.

Numerous public health officials, in the past few days, said they don’t know the source of the current rapidly spreading new cases.

As this article notes, the Based on Sciencetm meme is in full swing but there is no science to support this. Their crude theory is that this will stop spread in late night bars and restaurants – but a curfew is a very blunt instrument with an extraordinarily large foot print versus just closing late night bars and restaurants.

This is “Tell, don’t sell” governance that will be flaunted because few people believe it. Two county sheriff’s have announced it will not be enforced in their counties, and one has said that all curfew related calls to 9-1-1 will be transferred to County Health.

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