Health care lawyer says we must wait at least six months before approving vaccine use

Killing another 250,000 people in the U.S. is the right thing to do, he says …

But the most important consideration in my view relates to public trust.

Public health experts caution that vaccines don’t protect people; only vaccinations do. A vaccine that hasn’t gained enough public trust will therefore have a limited ability to control the pandemic even if it’s highly effective.

Source: Covid-19 vaccines shouldn’t get emergency-use authorization | MIT Technology Review

So … we should wait for more studies and trials, kill another quarter million Americans and all will be good!

This is another confusing message around public health – the disease is so horrible we must shut down the economy, put millions out of work, harm tens of millions of kids’ education – to prevent further deaths. Oh wait, we have a vaccine – let’s delay it six months because we want to build trust in the process. Or something.

That’s a confused, inconsistent and contradictory bit of messaging.

  • I’m so old, I remember when we were to “Stay Home. Save Lives. Don’t kill Grandma” before that gave way to “Protesting is more important than fighting a virus. Kill Grandma”.
  • I’m so old, I remember when it was “just 15 days to flatten the curve”, “Oh, may be a month”, “Or two months”, “Or three months”, “Or, until we finally get a vaccine” – which has now given way to “We don’t trust the vaccine” (as seen on social media).
  • Today: “We must wait much longer to build ‘public trust’.

By which time this entire pandemic will have ended of its own accord as population immunity effects take hold, just as they’ve done in any other pandemic.

Let’s keep an eye on this curve trend and hope that it continues – the slope is starting to flatten out. Click on image to view full size.