This could be a legal mine field – Youtube to run ads even on videos that have not signed up for advertising:

For creators who are not part part of the YouTube Partner Program, “you may see ads on some of your videos,” the video platform said. “Since you’re not currently in YPP, you won’t receive a share of the revenue from these ads, though you’ll still have the opportunity to apply for YPP as you normally would once you meet the eligibility requirements.”

Source: YouTube Starts Running Ads on Channels Ineligible for Revenue Sharing – Variety

  • Youtube runs ads on family videos featuring young children, thereby deriving profit off of the likeness of young children whose parents did not give permission.
  • Youtube runs ads on videos featuring likenesses of people who have not given permission for their likeness to be affiliated with advertising
  • It is against National Park regulations to shoot any video – even if just from a smart phone – and to earn money from that video unless you have applied for a permit. If spending more than 4 hours shooting your video you may need to provide a script and storyboards as part of your permit application, and you may be required to hire an NPS Ranger to monitor your shooting. The NPS defines “commercial” video shooting extraordinarily broadly, and the indirect use of your video – even though you are not choosing to run ads and make money – puts your video afoul of NPS regulations. NPS recently fined some Youtubers $1,000 for not having applied for a permit.
  • In the U.S., if you shoot any video from a drone that is used for any commercial purposes, you must have an FAA Remote Pilots license. A whole lot of videos will potentially violate FAA regulations once Youtube runs ads on your videos, thereby generating a commercial application.

A lot of videos may have to be taken offline, for legal reasons, as Youtube goes ahead with this.

By EdwardM