Covid: How is Covid-19 spreading? Inside homes, mostly.

According to my state, it’s primarily because of household and small group social gatherings (typically in private homes).

Contact tracing in other states has traced 40+/-% of new cases to close, household family member contacts, and 20+/-% to close, extended contact with social contacts, typically in homes.  In other words, about 2 in 3 cases trace back to your home.

Do you wear a face mask inside your own home? Of course not.

Instead we wear face masks at the local hardware store where the risk is low – where we have, at most, a fleeting nearby pass of someone in an aisle several feet away – while we don’t wear face masks in what the data says in the highest risk environment – our homes.

This explains why face masks are not working to prevent the spread of Covid-19. This is evident by looking almost everywhere to see where a month or months after high compliance face mask mandates went in to effect, new cases have skyrocketed.

This means either face masks do not work, or are not used where they matter – such as inside homes.

Public health needs to mandate wearing of face masks inside homes 24 x 7. They won’t and no one would comply with that anyway. But this helps us understand why the data shows that high compliance face mask mandates are having probably no effect on reducing the spread of Covid-19.