Covid-19: England back to locking everyone up for a month

All the latest on COVID-19 as Boris Johnson gives a news briefing to reveal details of a new England lockdown.

Source: Boris Johnson’s news briefing live: England lockdown details revealed | UK News | Sky News

Everyone will be confined to their homes – except for essential food or medicine shopping until December 2nd. Different areas will be “released” (their words!)  to different “tiers” after the lock up ends.

In my state, we had a 7-13 week long lock up in the spring (depending on which county you lived in), then a lockup-lite for 1 to many months (depending on which county you live in), a face mask mandate since July 1st with 84% compliance, schools closed, numerous business restrictions and closures – and yesterday we had the highest daily “positive test” cases since the pandemic began.

With Germany , England, Italy and Spain now in long lockups, the politically active in the U.S. …. blame Trump … even though its apparent that all of the various public health mitigations are, as explained by epidemiologists back in 2006, likely to fail.