80% suffering mental health problems due to pandemic policies

Sadly, public health, as in my state, never made any plans other than to shut everything down: Nearly 8 in 10 report pandemic is causing mental health strain, poll shows – UPI.com

The pandemic policy was never informed by evidence, but by fear of worst-case scenarios.”

(2011). “Health is More than Influenza”. Bulletin of the World Health Organization  2011;89:539-540. doi: 10.2471/BLT.11.089086

2 weeks ago was World Mental Health Day, sponsored by WHO. They said what the world needs is “Hope”. But based on pronouncements every day from public health, there is no hope.

Today, Biden’s health care advisor, Zeke Emanuel (he believes life is not worth living after age 75) says the lock ups and face masks will remain required until the end of 2021, and all large gatherings will not be permitted. He says we need to vaccinate 220 million people before we have “herd immunity” and until then we must all remain in lock up, under house arrest-lite.

I am an idiot who knows nothing about health care. But this begs some questions.

Why are people in New Zealand, S Korea, Taiwan, China, Norway and others going about their lives with no vaccines?

Shouldn’t his declaration of be based on DATA such as case counts and R-0 rates rather than a flawed MODEL demanding 60% have vaccine immunity?

In his world, and he has two doctorates so he is right and the rest of us are idiots – his metric is “12 months”, not case counts, not R-0 values. In his world, there is no hope. And he’s going to be advising Biden which means we will be locked up for 12 more months.