Costs likely to be $50 to $100 before flight (I have seen prices of $125 or more as well), per person, each direction.

Source: Hard hit by virus, airlines push for tests over quarantines

Many U.S. states have mandatory 14-day quarantine requirements for inbound visitors (such as Vermont) but with an optional exit via getting a negative Covid-19 test. The joke in Vermont is that you arrive in the state, it takes 4 days to schedule a Covid-19 test and then up to 10 days to get your results (really). So you can quarantine for 14 days or optionally spend money on tests and quarantine for 14 days. Perhaps with Rapid Tests (which are not that accurate), the turn around will be same day.

  • Hawaii and Alaska both offer the covid-19 test exit strategy. Will this become a routine part of travel between states in the U.S.? You must be tested?
  • What impact will this have on personal health privacy as required by HIPAA?
  • Will these tests be used by governments to track your travels? Yes, obviously, as needed to enforce their quarantine rules.

By EdwardM