In the past we did not like shopping at Best Buy. Upon entering the store you were assaulted by blue shirted sales people.

Once you were ready to buy something, they’d try to upsell accessories and extra charge warranties. It was not a fun place to shop.

Our last 4 or 5 interactions have been way better. We’ve had Geek Squad techs service a broken dishwasher (they were the only ones who serviced the brand that was in our house). The tech was very knowledgeable and passionate about doing solid repair work, done right.

During the pandemic, as mail order service like Amazon devolved into random delivery dates and 4 week lead times, we ordered from Best Buy. We opted to have one large item delivered – which turned out to be free, from the local store, the very next day, with excellent communication about when they expected to arrive.

Today I used their curbside delivery service – ordered online, drove to the store about an hour later and was greeted by an employee who brought my item out within minutes.

I am impressed by this because Best Buy did not used to be a friendly place to shop. In the midst of the pandemic, they have quickly adapted their services – with competitive prices – and friendly and helpful staff.

No one paid me to write this – I just wanted to call out a business that has made great improvements and is now, obviously, getting my repeat business.

By EdwardM