Flip flop: WHO now opposes locking up entire populations

WHO now says mass lock ups of entire populations failed to control the pandemic and caused more harms than benefits.

The World Health Organization is calling on nations to stop leaning on economic lockdowns as a weapon to slow the spread of coronavirus , marking a significant pivot for the organization that once applauded such restrictions during the early part of the pandemic. Lockdowns are doubling poverty rates and should not be used as a primary means of controlling the virus, according toWHO envoy Dr. David Nabarro.

Source: WHO abandons past support for lockdowns, now says stay at home orders double world poverty | WBFF

Lock ups failed to control the pandemic; today, cases are worse than ever in most regions.

In my state, we have spent six months under a unilateral Emergency Declaration with associated Executive Orders implementing public health mitigation policies. After six months, we have the highest case counts of all times, demonstrating that these policies, when applied to the real world, do not work.

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