At six months, public health mitigation has failed


Source: Tracking Our COVID-19 Response –

In March, when states began announcing lock ups of their citizens, they made their Orders without providing any insight in to an exit strategy.

There was no goal nor any metrics by which this would be determined. The lock ups were completely open ended and in much of the country are still open ended. All we heard was “flatten the curve”.

By summer, the curve was way higher than before.

After six months, we appear to be far worse off than when we started. Public health mitigation measures have failed.

This past weekend, WHO issued a statement that “lockdowns” (aka lock ups of citizens) only work for short durations in specific, limited situations, and should not be used as a general solution. Today, the UK issued new “lock up lite” Orders, saying they do not want to do more “lockdowns” (lockups), but with the implied threat that lockups are next.

Indeed, scientists in the UK say that lock up-lite does not go far enough.

In the UK,

More people are in hospital with Covid than before lockdown in March, says NHS medical director Stephen Powis

Meaning that public health has failed during the past six months. In spite of their failure, we will now do more of the same and turn the volume up to 11. How does this make sense?