Six states will not accept FDA approval of covid-19 vaccines

Public health is a political activity masquerading as science.

California, New York, Oregon, Colorado, Michigan, West Virginia and the District of Columbia will create their own “expert review” panels to approve or not approve vaccine availability within their states.

What could possibly go wrong?

Source: Six states plus Washington DC don’t trust the FDA and will conduct their own “expert panels” before approved vaccines are available to citizens in their states.

Public health has zero credibility. I’m so old, I remember the first week of June when public health “experts” said protesting was more important than fighting a virus – the virus that put 40 million people out of work, destroyed our children’s education, caused a spike in excess deaths not connected to the virus, and forced all of us into lockdowns for 1 to 6 months, and prevented me from accessing health care for what turned out to be a broken foot and torn tendon (but what the hell, car repair was okay then).

Yep, fighting some virus is no longer important. Except now in the fall we here talk of imposing more restrictions because – fighting the virus is now a priority again.

And they wonder why no one believes one word coming from public health?

Public health officials look more like sociopaths than health practitioners.