Government releases “equitable allocation” framework for distribution of covid-19 vaccine

Strangely, at age 61, my wife and I fall in the last 5-15% to be vaccinated. That’s weird since they spent months telling us that people at age 60+ needed to stay home because we are at higher risk[1]. We also have some conditions like exercise-induced asthma the CDC labels “increased risk” but not severe risk (plus severe food and medicine allergies).

The effect of this is that we are, apparently at high risk, but are oddly in the very last group to vaccinated. Per their plan, college students will be vaccinated before us.

My guess remains their Phase 1 and 2 will be in Q1, 2021. Phase 3 will be underway in Q2, and Phase 4 will be at the end of Q2 into Q3. We will see. Starting in January we will need to vaccinate 1 to 2 million doses per day (some vaccines are a 2-dose sequence spread across several weeks) to vaccinate 50% of the population by July.

Not looking forward to remaining in hiding from the virus for another 9 months. But I guess everyone else can then thoroughly test the vaccine first, right?

May be treatment modalities will be sufficiently improved that coronavirus is (mostly) treatable before then, such that many of us can get on with life.

Source: National Academies release framework for equitable allocation of a COVID-19 vaccine for adoption by HHS, state, tribal, local, and territorial authorities | EurekAlert! Science News

[1] Is this yet another public health flip flop? Now the segment age 60-64 is no longer considered high risk? That is exactly what they are now saying with the vaccine guidelines. We are literally the last group that will receive a vaccination.