In this CNBC news video, the CEO of Electrify America says they have a charger within 150 miles of 96% of Americans.

Well …

  • Their nearest charger from us is across a mountain range, 122 miles away, to the west.
  • Nearest to the north is 129 miles.
  • Nearest to the south is 293 miles.
  • Nearest to the east is 330 miles.

Using their network we certainly could not travel in an EV to the east or south. I guess that makes us kind of special!

Using other CCS compatible chargers, there is now a single 50 kwh DC charger 120 miles to the east (and it’s free!); but if that single charger is in use, you’ll have a long wait. In the past few weeks, a single DCFS has been added 195 miles to our south. Which is better than none but again, if in use, it could be a long wait.

Obviously, these build outs will take time. In the interim, EVs (other than Tesla) might not make sense where I live.