How do you classify a death?

An Oregon man died – his family says due to an obvious heart attack but a post mortem test found coronavirus so the state said he died due to Covid-19. (State officials reported Hermiston man as Oregon’s 226th coronavirus death. His family says they’re wrong –

A Florida man died as the result of a motorcycle crash but a Covid-19 test said he had coronavirus so the State said he died of Covid-19 ( FOX 35 INVESTIGATES: Questions raised after fatal motorcycle crash listed as COVID-19 death)

As seen on Facebook: A disease so severe you don’t know if you had it unless you get tested. Hah hah.

Some number of deaths attributed to Covid-19 are deaths “with Covid-19”. We have no idea how many.

To understand the distinction, consider some one who dies of a stroke but had prostate cancer at time of death. Is this death due to the stroke or prostate cancer? Most guys diagnosed with prostate cancer die with prostate cancer, not because of prostate cancer. That is why the government backed off its prior recommendation that all guys get tested every year with a PSA test. The treatments for very slow growing prostate cancer caused more harm, on average, than doing nothing.

Oregon now says that “deaths due to Covid-19” do not mean the person actually died of Covid-19.

Philip Schmidt, a spokesman for the state health authority, told The Oregonian/OregonLive that the state’s data is not conclusive as to whether someone died as a result of the coronavirus. Rather, it shows only that they died carrying the virus.

Wondering why public health has zero credibility?

“Stay Home. Save Lives. Don’t Kill Grandma.”

which is then reversed by public health “experts” to

Attend First Amendment and Mass Spreader Celebrations. This is more important than fighting a virus.

Yeah, that makes sense. From Stay Home. Save Lives, to protesting is more important than fighting a virus..