Well before the pandemic, I found myself visiting local stores only to find they are out of stock or do not actually carry the item I am looking for. I’ve been into big box retailers whose online web sites say they have the item in stock – only to find they did not really have the item in stock.

Ran in to that situation again today with a big box retailer. Web site said they have several different products relevant to what I was looking for – but no, not really. They did not have any of them in the store.

At this point, along with the hassles of shopping with some silly pandemic rules, I will be doing most of my shopping via online/mail order and mostly giving up on local retail.

Sorry local retailers. I really tried to support you – but this has happened on perhaps the majority of my store visits the past several months. With the pandemic rules in place now, it is not fun to waste my time this way. Hence, it’s online orders now.

There is no mystery why retail is dying.