My new blog with an entirely facetious title:

Global Research Institute for Pandemic Nonsense and Rants | A diverse, international group of experts analyzing contemporary pandemic responses. Not really. I made that up.

There is so much in regards to the pandemic that makes no sense.

I am watching, for example, that areas with mandated face mask policies since mid-April to May now have a huge increase in new cases.

Simultaneously, places with declining trends are said to have low mask wearing compliance.

And then there is Denmark: they had only a 4 week lock down, a one meter spacing rule, re-opened schools, and no one (just 2%) wear face masks, yet they have one of their milder cases in the entire European Union.

As you look around, the actions and the responses are literally random – indicating no one has a clue what they are doing.

There’s about 90 posts on the new blog already.

By Edward