Twitter still a mess in the aftermath of the take over of their systems

Read the whole thing  –  Twitter blog post update.

It’s pretty clear they still do not have a full handle on the situation.

Twitter acknowledges that the hackers downloaded the Twitter Data for some accounts,  which may include private Direct Messages.

I no longer regard Twitter as safe. I deactivated 2 of my 4 accounts, and had already deleted all content of my main account – except DMs. I’m in process of clearing out all the DM’s now. I intend to keep one or two of the accounts alive but will probably no longer use them.

This incident was a total and complete failure of Twitter security and their ability to be trusted with holding information. At this time, no one should have any trust in Twitter – and I mean no one. Clear your data as soon as possible. What just happened could have created one or more international incidents as hackers seized control of prominent political accounts.