Countries ‘unlikely’ to impose full lockdowns again

Apparently multi-month lock downs did not work and were not the right away to address the pandemic? That seems to be what they are saying.

Countries are very unlikely to impose another full lockdown even as virus cases appear to be resurging in some parts of the world, analysts told CNBC.

Source: Countries ‘unlikely’ to impose full lockdowns if there’s second wave, analysts say

In many U.S. states the outbreak is now much worse than it was in March and April when lock downs were imposed. Now that it is worse, lock downs are no longer being considered. What explains this?

In my state, the new cases trend line was flat starting 2 weeks before the lock down went in to effect, and stayed flat, with the same slope, for the next two months as the state was shut down. The evidence suggests  voluntary social distancing and other measures which began before the lock down, flattened that curve in this state – not the economically devastating shut down (note that individual regions may have required different approaches).

The rules of the shut down were arbitrary and stupid – I could get my car repaired (bureaucrats  branded that an “essential service” so remained opened) but I could not get non-emergency health care for what turned out to be a broken foot (that was not an essential service). Yeah, that made total since. (And this is a point I will bring up repeatedly. That was not a fun two months.)

Sounds like another flip flopping, inconsistent, contradictory, incoherent, lacking in logic, unclear public health message. And they are frustrated that the public just doesn’t understand?

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