Transportation: California reducing state-level rebates for EVs and hybrids

An obvious oddity of government subsidies for solar PV on homes and electric vehicles is that nearly all of the value goes to higher income residents, and is ultimately funded by taxes on everyone. Meaning its a transfer of wealth for general taxpayers, including those with limited income, to higher income taxpayers.

Starting in December, those looking to buy electric vehicles with a price tag of more than $60,000 won’t qualify for rebates — nor will plug-in hybrids with less than 35 miles of all-electric range.

Source: California pulls back clean-vehicle rebates to point them at lower-income buyers – Los Angeles Times

State rebates no longer available on EVs costing more than $60,000 (with a note that many new EVs coming in the next few years are targeted at a higher price than this). Obvious theory is that only wealthy/high income buy these vehicles.

Lower and moderate income buyers (where income level is not specified) will get a larger rebate.

Hybrid vehicles that combine gas and electric capabilities will not qualify for rebates unless, in EV mode, they have a range of more than 35 miles.

The Federal rebate, which is as high as $7,000 per vehicles, decreases as more of each model is built. As of January 2020, the rebate for buying a Tesla is zero $, and as of March, the rebate for buying a Chevy Bolt is zero $.

Transportation: Mooney Aircraft Shuts Down, Employees Furloughed

Kind of sounds like this might be the end:

Two weeks before Thanksgiving, Kerrville, Texas-based Mooney Aircraft has reportedly shut down and released its entire staff.

Source: Mooney Shuts Down, Employees Furloughed – AVweb

Heh – a comment to the story pretty much says what needed to be said

I suggest that the unshaven, three day old bearded, sport coat, jeans, loafer, no socks, Rayban Aviator wearing stereotypical portrayal of the squint eyed, slightly graying modern 40/50 something entrepreneur pilot ready to launch his uber-IFR equipped single from the country club style FBO, into the flight levels…is proving to be a very small market. GA has got to do better to survive.