Why I am walking away from social media including #Facebook and #Twitter

Last December “We watched a social media propaganda theme explode in real time – and you won’t believe what happened next!” when a train derailed on the first passenger carrying run of a brand new, $181 million upgraded rail corridor completed as part of an $800 million dollar infrastructure upgrade. Read the linked post for details.

From the President of the United States down through network television personalities to individuals, everyone piled on saying this was an example of a lack of a infrastructure investment, our country’s “crumbling infrastructure”, that Congress was stealing from the poor and giving to the wealthy – or that the crash was caused by domestic terrorists.

All ignored that this was a brand new locomotive on a brand new rail corridor completed as part of an $800 million upgrade program.

Facts and logic no longer mattered.  The signal-to-noise ratio of social  media had fallen to very low levels.

I also concluded that social media seems dominated by idiots devoid of facts and logic.

After taking a ten day break from Twitter, I briefly looked at Twitter again and it seemed that about 90% of the Twitter feed is just noise.  Why do we waste so much time subjecting ourselves to noise?

Social media is designed as a platform for highly effective propaganda – no broadcast license or printing press is required. The ease of use of social media for propaganda means it will and is over run with noisy idiocy.

What can we do about this? Our best bet is to walk away from social media. The purpose of social media is global surveillance for creating the world’s most effective propaganda and manipulation of people – this is what is designed to do!

Why are doing this to ourselves by voluntarily signing up for propaganda mind control?

The solution is to Walk away from social media.

Be skeptical of everything. Learn to think for yourself. Refuse to be manipulated by those in powerful positions.

My Journey off of Social Media

Almost two years ago I stopped sharing anything on Facebook that I did not personally create (except I shared a few items created by friends who I know in real life and trust).  If we share only our own content then fake news can not spread.

After the details of Facebook’s surveillance operation became public, I deleted essentially all posts and likes since I created the account in 2010. I dropped out of 60+ groups, stopped following Pages and unfriended 25% of my FB “friends”. I kept the account primarily to access a software programming group page that I manage – I no longer post status updates.

I set up Twitter so that Tweets more than a few months old are deleted automatically (the half life of a Tweet is about 15 minutes – no one reads old Tweets except when trying to find dirt on someone).

After a break from Twitter, Twitter just looks like a massive waste of time. Twitter does not even show us what we want to follow – Twitter, like Facebook, curates our newsfeed to show us what their algorithms want us to see.

We have passed peak social media. It’s time to resume real life and think for ourselves.

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