23andMe gathers data from users on health conditions and treatments

23andMe wants users to rate their treatments for some conditions such as depression and asthma in a new feature the genetics testing company unveiled today.

Source: 23andMe gathers data on health conditions and treatments

In light of so much lack of privacy, should people really be sharing their personal health information online with anyone?

Information collected by Facebook and others is not used solely for our benefit but sometimes is used against us.

As I noted on my SocialPanic blog, even though I have 3 of the most sought after university degrees in the United States (computer science, software engineering graduate degree, MBA), I never saw a high tech job ad on Facebook. Ever!

As described on my other blog, high tech recruiters were targeting specific age ranges, typically age 24-35 or so, and intentionally not showing ads to older workers. By doing this, they rarely received applications from older workers, enabling them to discriminate on the basis of age without being caught.

This is an example of how seemingly innocent information can and is used against us.