The new Coldstreams Internet of Things Blog is now live

The old website should auto redirect to this new web site at

If you subscribed by email to, you MUST re-subscribe here on the new web site by clicking on the Email Follow button in the right column!

If you read this blog via Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter, you do not need to do anything differently.

If you read this blog via RSS news feed, the old news feed should automatically redirect to the new RSS news feed on this web host. While this should work fine, it would be a good idea to eventually change your RSS news source to the RSS Posts link, shown in the right column of this web page!

Please let us know via a comment if you encounter any problems.

Update – it worked for a while, then I discovered very late that it was not working in IE, and after more work, found that the working version had been cached in Firefox and Opera and was not really working there either. Now at 1:30 AM in the morning I hope this is not working correctly.