is migrating to

I will be migrating this blog from self hosting on my virtual server to using I have already done most of the set up on WordPress and you can see the preliminary web site at

I plan to set up a server “redirect” so if you access you will automatically load the web page.

I could set this up so that points directly to the new URL, however, that method redirects all pages to the wordpress site and that is not what I want to do. Some of the other pages need to say in place on the web site.

The switch over will be mostly transparent except that

  1. The new blog will look slightly (but only slightly) different
  2. If you subscribe to this blog by email, you will need to re-subscribe on the new web page
  3. If you read this web site using an RSS newsreader / newsfeed, you will want to use the RSS link on the new web site. (I might be able to force a redirect on that – I will check).

Why This Change?

I have run my own web sites and blogs since 1995, the dawn of the World Wide Web on the Internet. Today , the time commitment needed to maintain several web sites and blogs – with frequent software updates and upgrades, anti-malware support, spam checking and having to debug problems that occur – is a bit much. I decided it is no longer a good use of my time to host these web sites myself. By switching to, the web site stays much the same, runs on their massive Internet server infrastructure, and is fully secured with https and faster access using http/2.