This web site was just switched over to https instead of http

https provides secure access to this web site versus http which was unencrypted. There is nothing on this web site that needs to be encrypted but browser makers are starting to force the conversion of web sites from http to https by displaying various warnings. Google is using https as a ranking selector – web sites using https will be ranked higher in search results than those with only http.

When you access the web site, you may receive a warning about the security.

In order to implement https the web site needs to install an SSL certificate. For now, the web site is using an SSL certificate generated by my web host, Tierpoint, which will not appears as a “trusted authority”. Hence, you will see a warning message and need to confirm the use of the “non trusted” certificate.

“Trusted authority” certificate issuers seem to charge many hundreds of dollars per year for a certificate, which makes no sense for the *.coldstreams web sites which are not used for business purposes. Hopefully there is a trusted authority that charges a reasonable price.

I will also update my,, and web sites at a later time, after testing this out on the web site.

Early testing – https appears to work properly in Firefox, Opera and IE but I saw something odd in Chrome.