It’s over! “What happened to #virtual reality?” as we hit that phase in the news cycle! #VR #VR360

The virtual reality industry has achieved – again! – that point in in the product life cycle where the media declares it’s death!

Over the past year, evidence has stacked up that VR isn’t as hot as everyone thought it’d be, and it feels poised to go the way of the smartwatch.

Source: What happened to virtual reality? – Business Insider

Per the reporter, Facebook’s Oculus Rift is a failure, the HTV Vive is a failure, Sony PlayStation VR is a failure, Microsoft’s HoloLens might be okay, eventually, and Google is “stumbling”.

There you have it – VR is on its death bed! So say the media talking heads!

This is good news – it means #VR has reached that point in the product life cycle where the media is predicting its eminent demise! That is progress! 🙂