Mercenary botnets for hire

Creators of botnets want to rent them out for attacking targets:

When anyone can make use of a burgeoning army of rogue connected devices for a fee, the threat of a crippled Internet is more real than ever.

Source: IoT Botnets Are Growing—and Up for Hire

The online world is out of control. Botnets for hire. Android malware that takes control of your phone – until you write a number of favorable online reviews of certain apps or products.

Product reviews are today filled with enormous numbers of fake reviews. As sites like ReviewMeta and FakeSpot help end users filter the real from the fake, the fake reviews have become more sophisticated.

Fake reviews are produced to promote the sales of products – and to simultaneously give bad reviews to competitors’ products.

Many companies are very pro-active about bad reviews – and contact the buyer seeking a resolution. This is excellent customer service, but often comes with a request to rewrite or delete the review.

If there is a way to scam a system, dozens of people have figured it out.