#IoT and data collection changes marketing from generic to specific

“Marketing data is evolving: from the generic to the specific; from market trends to individual habits and from historic actions to real-time engagement.

We are moving on from knowing that millennials aged 25 to 30 replace their mobile phone on average every 2.5 years.

We move to knowing that William replaces his Android three months after new major features are established, keeping a general eye on new developments and looking for upgrade deals from his service provider. We also know that Claire pre-orders the new iPhone as soon as the availability date for a new model is announced and has a Google Alert for any mention of Apple iPhones.”

Source: Is big data really the future of marketing? – Marketing Tech News

Good for marketing and sales but the end of anything being considered personal and private. Marketeers and consumers will need to have an open conversation before something bad happens. Of course, collected personal data has never, ever been hacked and dumped into the open. Never. Of course.