When the going gets tough, the tough form a committee

Source: The EU’s latest idea to secure the Internet of Things? Sticky labels – Naked Security

Hmmmm …. I guess this is to inform the purchaser or user of a device as to the state of the device’s security. Would this be like the color coding scheme used to triage patients at a major incident?

  • Green = can walk, help can be delayed
  • Yellow = injured, needs medical care, but stable, not immediately life threatening
  • Red = immediate attention needed/life threatening situation
  • Black = dead or expected to die before they can be cared for

At a mass casualty incident, responders must quickly sort through the injured and provide care to the worst off (Red) patients first.

For IOT Security, would this be:

  • Green = mostly secure, if properly configured
  • Yellow = secure from casual attacks but still vulnerable
  • Red = easily broken security
  • Black = no security at all


By EdwardM