Search giant seeks experimental authorization for the 3.5GHz band to conduct testing in up to 24 US areas.

Source: Google FCC filing hints at high-speed wireless plans – CNET

Broadband wireless Internet access is successful in the context of mobile Internet from mobile devices. But it has not achieved a large market share relative to cable, fiber and flavors of DSL services. Google, which has launched its own high speed Internet access in a few markets, is likely interested in providing a wireless solution to potentially achieve a quicker to market solution than laying wires and fiber.

The house I moved in to 3 years ago had been set up for wireless broadband through a service providing 6 Mbps data. However, our street had fiber to the curb and the costs of 15 Mbps FTTC were half the price of the wireless service, so we have been on fiber since we moved in. Time will tell if this new offering delivers the right set of benefits to consumers. Unless of course, Google is experimenting with an Internet of Things network!

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