Cars to connect to the Internet of Things

Cars already include many sensors. Some of these sensors are used to display driving (e.g. speed, fuel) and maintenance information to the driver (low tire pressure, low oil pressure). But modern cars have vastly more sensors than this – and with computing and connectivity, this data can and will be collected. Already, cars log and retain data on speed and braking for the seconds prior to an airbag deployment.

Data collected over time may help to understand how vehicle components wear out and break, and this could lead to higher reliability in the future. On the downside, collected data might be used against the driver, suggesting the vehicle was driven inappropriately.

Could location data be used against you in law enforcement? Probably. The #IOT is creating a behemoth surveillance society where every single action we take will be logged. Is this how we want to live?

Source: Onboard diagnostics will connect cars to the Internet of Things | VentureBeat | Business | by Liz Slocum Jensen, Road Rules