Web site re-launch – The Internet of Things #IoT

In July 2016, I am relaunching my original “tech” blog with a focus on “Internet of Things, Robotics and Automation”, in terms of both technology and business issues.

The #IoT is driven by the availability of low cost sensors, microcontrollers and communications. In this early phase, #IoT is a group of technologies in search of problems to solve 🙂 That means that much of today’s early #IoT is driven by the technology and not always linked to business needs.

Businesses, though, are seeing opportunities to reduce costs and improve efficiency through the adoption of #IoT technology – from retail to factories to warehouse operations. This is where the “business” side of #IoT comes in to focus – paying attention to customer needs, rather than the technology.

My background is in both technology (BSCS, MS Software engineering) and business (MBA) in the tech sector. My goal is to bridge the gap between the (often) missing business of #IoT and the technology of #IoT. Attention to both areas is essential to making customers happy and satisfied.