This link describes the problem: Chrome: sandboxed processes are killing my b… | Nexus 5 | XDA Forum.

Periodically, Chrome launches something that shows up in Settings | Battery as “…“. This task consumes significant amounts of power, all by itself, even when the phone is not in use. In fact, the phone is quite warm to the touch.

Some think this is related to having multiple tabbed windows open in Chrome and/or one or more of the web pages using Flash content that seems to never be shut off. Who knows?

The solution is to stop using Chrome on Android and install one of the many free browsers

Dolphin Browser
Dolphin Browser (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

available in the Google Play market. I installed the Dolphin browser, restarted my phone and charged up the battery – and the result is good battery life and the phone is no longer running hot.

There have been many battery power consumption problems with recent releases of Android, depending on your phone model and perhaps other features such as which apps are running.

By EdwardM