Senate proposes unlimited high skilled visas

January 28th, 2013

Mistake? Calls against STEM visa immigration fixes could slow passage of key Senate bill – The Next Web.

Would set H-1B visas to 300,000 annually and set an unlimited number of visas granted to international students who graduate in any STEM field from any US research university with a graduate degree. The proposal would also grant work visas to spouses of those receiving the above visas.

Historically, half of all such visas go to software workers. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a total of 136,600 new broadly defined “computer occupation” tech jobs created in the US annually (including replacements for those leaving the field).

The proposed law would provide more imported labor than there are open positions causing US tech industry salaries to fall sharply. (Inflation adjusted IT average salaries have fallen over the period 2003-2012.)

Here in Washington State, the University of Washington gives preferential admission to International students, displacing Washington residents from attending the UW (as does the University of California). The UW and Washington State University are asking the Legislature for permission to charge engineering and computer science students sharply higher tuition than other students.

The logic here is impeccable and surely will lead to more Washington residents pursuing engineering:

  • First, reduce college seats for Washington residents
  • Second, sharply increase tuition for engineering students
  • Third, flood the market and lower salaries
  • Fourth, make the de facto entry level degree the Masters degree (adding the expense)

Surely that will encourage more US residents to study engineering!

Glad we have brilliant logicians in our government leadership!

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