Ham radio operators make great mobile developers

November 14th, 2012

Despite all of our advances in communication technology, when the chips were literally down, we were nearly out of luck. However, amateur radio operators — or “Hams” for short — are a committed group of people who have been dealing with the issues of outages and their solutions for decades.

Hams are the quintessential portable, do-it-yourself, mobile developers. Granted, up until recently, they’ve been mostly focused on hardware but as desktops and notebooks have become as common as radios and televisions, so have they appeared in the Hams’ bag of tricks.They’re best known for building and operating low power, two-way radios, packet radios digital, satellite communication systems, and sometimes even use Morse code.

via Hams: Quintessential Mobile Developers | Dice Blog Network.

I am officially now looking for job opportunities. I do mobile apps and mobile business. And I already have an Amateur radio license, a patent in the wireless field, a thesis in the mobile applications field, I do 3D photography and video and I’m building a hovercraft too. Really.

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