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November 13th, 2012

I just started using Microsoft’s SkyDrive / Office online combo, partly because I have 25 GB of free storage there.  The interface is nice and it generally works well. I like being able to access my documents from several different computers, each used for different types of projects (e.g. lab bench computer for monitoring hardware devices, notebook, desktop in my office). Overall, I really like Skydrive and the online apps. 

But … I encountered some weird stuff. When my Mac goes to sleep and is awakened later, I see this error message:

X Session Lost Sorry, your session has been lost. Please copy your changes and refresh. [Refresh Button]

Besides that this error should not occur, the software ought to copy, refresh and restore the changes if that is necessary, and not require the user to go through extra steps.

Yesterday,  I had some other message, which I did not record. I was not told to copy the document contents (but I did anyway) and that was fortunate because after the Refresh, the online version of Office lost my editing changes. I pasted the changes back and nothing was lost. Hmmmm ….

Any error that causes a loss of customer data is critical. Perhaps I am just unlucky and there are oddities with my systems.  Windows Live Skydrive has potential to be a great product – as long as these are not common problems. I’ll be doing more testing, as I can, including on both Windows and Mac systems. I really want to like this!

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