Review of the Microsoft SkyDrive cloud services

May 2nd, 2012

Microsoft’s cloud offering is a without doubt a confident one. Simple to use, essential features and, perhaps crucially, good value storage options let you know that this is a product born from a company with more than a little experience in consumer products. The interface may not be all that snazzy, and some of the app support for non-Windows platforms is a little spotty, but the end product still manages to reach far beyond its PC and phone ecosystem.

While these small blemishes don’t massively detract from the overall experience, if Redmond were to eliminate them and make the experience universally consistent, then Microsoft could be poised to corner off a reasonable slice of the market.

via Microsoft SkyDrive impressions: a look at features and functionality — Engadget.

Of interest, Microsoft provides Skydrive support for iOS.

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