Apple creates new iBooks textbook solution

Apple in Education.

Introduces iBooks Textbooks and also iBooks Author, a free app for creating interactive textbook content for the iPad.

  • Electronic textbook creation and publication may dis-intermediate the textbook publishers. Professors might now create their own textbooks, self publish and likely earn more per copy sold they do today from royalties.
  • e-books are often tied to specific reader hardware and software. The book you buy from Barnes & Noble cannot be read on a Kindle, and vice versa. The iBook cannot be read on the Nook Color or a Kindle. As a software developer, I have one of everything (for testing), but most people do not. This limits sharing of the books you buy with other family members or friends.
  • How long does an e-reader last? Phones are typically replaced every two years, in part because of contract-based, multi-year subsidies. But the iPad and the Nook Color do not have user replaceable batteries which will generally wear out in a couple of years. This means replacing expensive hardware rather frequently.
  • iBooks for textbooks is giant step in the right direction but there is still much work to be done!

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