Android Open Accessory Kit

Google introduces an accessory development kit that enables product developers to produce USB connected devices that will connect to Android 3.0 devices. This makes possible a straightforward implementation of external, 3rd party devices that can connect to future tablets and phones.

Arduino Blog » Blog Archive » Google Launches Android Open Accessory Development Kit Based On Arduino.

A online video of the overall USB product announcement is available from Google. The interesting part related to this appears at about +16 minutes into the video where the ADK hardware board is introduced. The board is based on the popular Arduino controller.The board design and software source code are all available – several vendors are building chipsets to support this.

I find this very cool.

IEEE has a video clip of a similar idea, the Sphero robotic ball that I showed from CES in January. That uses the iPhone as a remote control for the Sphero ball.

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