Android Open Accessory Kit

May 26th, 2011

Google introduces an accessory development kit that enables product developers to produce USB connected devices that will connect to Android 3.0 devices. This makes possible a straightforward implementation of external, 3rd party devices that can connect to future tablets and phones.

Arduino Blog » Blog Archive » Google Launches Android Open Accessory Development Kit Based On Arduino.

A online video of the overall USB product announcement is available from Google. The interesting part related to this appears at about +16 minutes into the video where the ADK hardware board is introduced. The board is based on the popular Arduino controller.The board design and software source code are all available – several vendors are building chipsets to support this.

I find this very cool.

IEEE has a video clip of a similar idea, the Sphero robotic ball that I showed from CES in January. That uses the iPhone as a remote control for the Sphero ball.

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